Staffing Simplified!

Staffing Simplified!

Founded and headed by Perla Iniguez, Promax Personnel, LLC has been serving South Gate and surrounding areas since 2014, providing quality staffing and recruitment solutions for employers and job seekers alike.

We provide easy access to dependable personnel to ensure the success of your business. As your business partner, we want to ensure you meet your financial goals and production schedules.

Customized recruitment solutions

By getting to know our customers better, we get to understand their requirements in terms of their current standing and their future goals. The more we know your business, the quicker we are able to tailor new team members that are qualified to support you and your company.

Promax Personnel thrives on a philosophy of customer satisfaction and integrity and aims to build employer-employee connections that not only reinforce our team, but yours as well. Our thorough sourcing and stringent screening processes allow us to find the right fit of qualified and experienced personnel to drive your business towards growth.

How our internal hiring works

When hiring employees for Promax, we meet with potential candidates upfront to interview them extensively and get a good grasp of what their strengths and capabilities are. This allows us to filter them within our existing teams and helps us find the right team to candidate match.

Promax Personnel’s Mission

Promax Personnel strives to make a name for itself as a company based on its core values. We are defined by our:

  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Dependability
  • Industry Respect
  • Honesty

Partner with Promax Personnel, LLC to drive your organization towards strategic excellence by hiring the right talent.

Sposato Staffing, LLC

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